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Teacher Training Recordings

This pre-recorded course is now available

This course comprises 3 modules totalling 24 hours of recordings, which you can watch at your own pace. It includes guided meditations and pranayam routines for you to study and enjoy!

I offer full email support for questions and feedback.

US$ 59.00

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The manuals and audio files may be purchased separately on Amazon.
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Module 1: Introduction to Teaching Meditation

  • How meditation?

  • Why meditation? 

  • The benefits of meditation

  • Pronunciation and repetition of the mantras

  • The essential purpose of life

  • Where does happiness lie?

  • The Self-realized person

  • Ashtang Yog, The Eight Limbs of Yog,
    from Patanjali Yog Darshan.


Module 2: Meditation Theory and Practice

  • Truths and misconceptions about meditation

  • Patanjali’s nine obstacles to Self-realization

  • Various styles of meditation: Mindfulness,
    Mantra, and Breath Meditations

  • How to make lesson plans, promote and market your services

  • Using the Doubt-Free Meditation Student Workbook:

Eight steps to your meditation practice
How to stop worrying and always enjoy your life 

Various meditation techniques. 

Four stages of mantra meditation.



Module 3: Intermediate Series from Patanjali  Sootras

  • The state of Yog (Yogash chitt vritti nirodhah)

  • Pranayam

  • The four types of pain

  • The five klaysh

  • The samadhis

  • Nine troubles that arise


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