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Bhagavad Gita
Selected Verses

Home study course

This is a five-part home-study course which you can do in your own time.

PDF files and accompanying videos are included to learn the Sanskrit Gita verses with the English transliteration. Guided meditations relating to each verse are also included.

The videos are filmed in the majestic Himalayan mountains and can be viewed on YouTube. 

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US $59.00

The story and symbolism of the Gita. In the story of the Gita, Krishn represents the Self and Arjun represents the mind. Thus, the war in the Gita is a metaphor for the struggle between the mind and the Self, between highest awareness and lowest awareness.

Teachings Based on Deep Knowledge. A study of different verses that describe the eternal nature of the Self. 

“The Self is Pure Existence, which cannot be cut by weapons,
burnt by fire or dried by the wind.”-Swami Shyam

Dhyan Yog, or the Yog of Meditation. We look at several verses about meditation.

“When many thoughts are in his mind, he should simply be an observer, the Witness Self. He should watch that Space alone is in front of his closed eyes and that in the Space, no sound or form, no word or meaning is there to disturb him. Rather, this Space is pure and free, subtler than the sky—only Knowingness.”-Swami Shyam

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