• Guided meditations: a study of different talks to lead into meditation

  • Kriya Yog, 3 parts: 
    Tap: holding a thought that keeps one’s mind happy from moment to moment

      Swaadhyaya:  study

      Ishwar Pranidhaan: following a path that keeps you connected to the Self

  • Bhagavad Gita: a study of verses that talk about action, the gunas, and the Eternal Self

  • Meditation and the world

  • Praanayam: Exercises for covid recovery and prevention, and your regular practice

  • Learn some simple chants that you can hum throughout your day


Wednesdays, 7 September—5 October 8.00 PM—9.30 PM EST

5 week course

Meditation and Satsang Evenings

“Whatever is happening, take it as it is. Then you are free and you make others free.”

Swami Shyam

Each session includes meditation and a discussion time

In these mediation evenings, we discuss different satsang topics and create an atmosphere that enables us to be absorbed in the space of mediation. Regular meditation is the key to unfolding the highest awareness. These classes are a great inspiration for one’s own practice. It is always great to have good company and friends to practice with. I would love to see you there!

Every class is recorded so you never have to miss a class

US $58.00