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Meditation and Satsang Evenings


WEDNESDAY 22 June- 20 July   8 PM – 9.30 PM EST


  • Meditation: We will look at a couple of Gita verses to enhance our meditation practice.

  • Yog: Understanding Yog can help the human being to be free from worries and mental dramas

  • Vairagya: Define what is unchanging as the Self and changing as the world.

  • Vivek: Knowledge of the Self, which is not worldly knowledge. 

  • Decisive thinking: The art of being decisive.

  • Praanayam: 5 important exercises

  • Learn some simple chants, that you can sing and hum throughout your day!

  • Each session includes meditation and a discussion


In these meditation evenings, we discuss different satsang topics and create an atmosphere that enables us to be absorbed in the space of meditation. Regular meditation is the key to unfolding the highest awareness. It is always great to have good company and friends to practice with. Would love to see you there! 


“Whatever is happening, take it as it is. Then you are free and you make others free.” Swami Shyam

Each session is recorded, so you never have to miss a session


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