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Meditation and Satsang Evenings


“Man, love yourself and love the Self in every Being”
Swami Shyam

A five-week course, Live online

Wednesday 31st January – 28th February EST 8 PM

Thursday 1 February – 29th February NZ 1 PM

US$ 65.00

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  • Samataa Yog, from the Bhagavad Gita

  • Upanishads , the story of Nechekta

  • A study of Hindi poems that describe the nature of the mind and Self

  • Mantra revelations

  • Yog Vashishth: Unfoldment of Peace

  •  A study of different guided meditations

  • Praanaayaam

Each class is recorded so you never have to miss a class.  In every class, we have a meditation and discussion time. In these meditation evenings, we discuss different satsang topics and create an atmosphere that enables us to be absorbed in the space of meditation. Regular meditation is the key to unfolding the highest awareness. These classes are a great inspiration for one’s own practice. It is always great to have good company and friends to practice with. I would love to see you there!

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