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Wednesdays, 25 May – 22 June 9.30 AM – 11 AM EST

with Mukta & Bhakti Nath

The Bhagavad Gita is known as the song of the Self. It is a dialogue between Arjun, who represents the questioning state of mind, and Krishn, the realized Being. Those who study the Gita can live and act in the world with greater freedom and awareness.

In this 5-week course we will cover these topics:

  • The Yog of Meditation: A study of different verses from Chapter 6 with emphasis on how to keep building and developing your meditation practice.

  • Bhakti Yog: An in-depth look at key verses. Bhakti Yog is the state of awareness in which union has taken place, which means the soul has attained the Vision of Oneness.

  • Wisdom of the Eternal Self: We will study verses from Chapter 2 which talk about the eternal, immortal Self, and its direct relevance to the life of anyone who wishes to enhance their awareness. The ways to integrate this knowledge into your life will be discussed.

  • The story and symbolism of the Gita: The Battle of Kurukshetra is the inner war that every man must fight, the war between the highest awareness and the lowest awareness. 

  • Each session includes a group discussion and meditation.

  • Every class is recorded, so you never have to miss a session.


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